ULPrintgatway-US - ULTIMARAD Dicom Paper Print for ultrasound machines

ULPrintGateway - ultrasound:

  • Plug and Play Dicom Print gateway.
  • Save Money and give your patient best quality films.
  • Save more than 80% of your cost/film.
  • No need for user interaction, just run silent, do everything on the background.
  • Works on All Dicom enabled US Machines.
  • Works on minimal hardware specs, No need for specialized PC, just run on any PC on your site.
  • Support all types of PC printers and all paper sizes.
  • Customizable film tempalte,header and footer.
  • Supports both color and  grayscale Dicom print.
  • Archive all films, reprint them at any time.
  • Control the web queue if you wish from any machine connected to your network.